Throughout September we have a number of practice events running…

The Beach Race practice circuit is made up of a combining of our Mx Pro Circuit and the Mx Sand circuit and is mainly soft loamy sand material with a lap time of over 5 mins.

Fast and technical sections with a track width of over 10m wide so plenty of room for over taking. A mixture of woops jumps and obstacles to simulate what you might find at any UK or European Beach race event ensure you will get the physical work out and opportunity to develop the skills necessary to get the best results.

A variety of 1 hour and 3 hour sessions depending on race format on the day ensure riders get plenty of time to build up endurance and physical conditioning required for the beach racing events.

A dedicated pits area for refueling where your pit crew can practice re fueling the bike and the rider with goggle change over routines.

We operate in the main to the same rules and regulations as the beach races to ensure your practicing to all the health and safety requirements of any organised beach race event.

The beach race practice is designed so you get the opportunity to ride with a high volume of riders with different riding ability’s, allowing you to develop the skills that many proven beach race specialists have which is a respect for other riders and the ability to change lines and use spatial awareness while maintaining fast consistent lap times from start to finish.